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The Testimonials from previous students calls this Surfing Teacher :- A Man of Patience, 100% Professional, an Amazing Great-hearted Teacher. Experience his Supportive, Caring, and Motivating guidance, and be captivated by his sense of humor. Your safety is his priority; join him for an unforgettable surfing journey.

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Soft Boards

Soft top surfboards are frequently suggested for novices due to their beginner-friendly features. These boards, made from soft foam materials, offer enhanced stability and buoyancy, making it easier for learners to paddle, stand up, and ride waves confidently


Leg rope/Leash

Durable urethane cord securely fastened to the surfboard's deck, typically near the tail. Its primary function is to prevent the surfboard from being carried away by waves and to avoid potential collisions with other surfers and swimmers caused by runaway surfboards.


Hard Boards

Suggested mainly to advanced surfers seeking to conquer higher-level waves. These boards are renowned for their speed, lightness, and performance-focused design, It's essential to also note that hardboards demand more care while surfing


Surfing UV Rash Guard

Stay protected and comfortable during your beach adventures with high-quality rashguards. They are designed to shield your skin from harmful UV rays, these versatile garments also offer added protection against abrasions from sand and hard surfaces. Enjoy your time in the sun worry-free

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Choose the plan that fits you

Newbee Plan

  • if you are new to sea
  • start your practise by
  • learning how to swim
Most Popular

Surf Basic Plan

2000 For 2 hours training
  • Warm up exercise
  • Basic surf drills
  • introduction to equipments
  • understand ocean waves, Surf board safety
  • push and pop on surf board
  • Catch White waves

Surf Advanced Plan

15000 For Pro
  • morning lesson
  • evening self practise
  • catch green waves
  • good paddling tactics
  • start turning the board